• 8,500 pound capacity per jack during extend and retract ensures that the jacks won't get stuck in the mud or ice.
  • A high-torque electric motor and heavy-duty construction ensures years of extensive outdoor use for every jack.
  • All electric means an environmentally safe system with no hydraulic fluid leaks, bleed-down, or maintenance problems.
  • The average current draw of 10 to 25 amps during an automatic cycle usually lasts just one and one-half minute to two minutes.
  • A set of four jacks can level and stabilize motorhomes up to 20,000 pounds or towables up to 22,000 pounds GVW.
  • All PowerPlus leveling systems are covered by a three - year limited warranty.         

                                                                                                                          8-inch Stroke                    6-inch Stroke

                        Retracted Height                                                                        9.25 inches                        9.25 inches

                        Vertical Travel                                                                             8 inches                             6 inches

                        Extended Vertical Length                                                         25.75 inches                     21.75 inches

                        Retracted Vertical Length                                                        17.75 inches                     15.75 inches

                        Base Plate Area                                                                           30 square inches             30 square inches

                        Power Source                                                                               11-15 volt DC                    11-15 volt DC



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